The best hairstyles for men in the 50s

best hairstyles for men in their 50s

The best hairstyles for men in the 50s – Hair was an important part of the image of the ’50s. Each group was careful with the way he combed his hair and he had many repercussions in relation to social status. It was not yet popular individual experimentation in fashion as it did in the … [Read more…]

Trends fall-winter 2013-2014: work hairstyles long hair

easy work hairstyles long hair

Work hairstyles long hair –¬†With the return to routine, see the ravages that summer has done with our hair. We find split ends, discolored … Come the regrets and we realize that once again, the hair has been forgotten in the great holiday. But do not despair Hairstyle because it will make the season a … [Read more…]

Pictures of short hair styles with feminine look

pictures of short hair styles

Here I will give you some pictures of short hair styles. If you are bored with your long hair models, you can try a short hair style. Usually women become afraid to cut her hair short. They think that short hairstyles are identical with the tomboyish woman. Meanwhile, most women want to always look cute … [Read more…]

Popular easy hairstyle

easy hairstyles

Although the hair style raises many new styles, there are easy hairstyle is always popular. New hair style does not always fit all face shapes. Therefore, instead of busy choose the latest hairstyles that exhibited by the hairdressers and celebrities, you better wear a modest hairstyle that would not be everlasting. Here’s simple hairstyle or … [Read more…]

How to do hair updos in home

how to do hair updos

Many women want to know how to do hair updos without going to the salon. Women always want to look beautiful if something were attending the event. In addition, this updo is very easy to do and does not require a long time. This updo is also suitable for those of you a career woman … [Read more…]

Hairstyles for ladies over 40

short hairstyles for ladies over 40

This is hairstyles for ladies over 40. Entering the age of 40 years, women tend to experience drastic changes themselves. Women in the 40s, as written by, will undergo a phase change include changes in the nature of self becomes more confident because of what they went through in life. Mostly women in the … [Read more…]