Betting on black hair

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Summer is a time of change and also betting on new looks. You’ve long wanted to change your hair, but do not get daring and do not know how you sit change. Admit it, you’re not very bold, but do not worry, we can advise! If you’ve decided you want to start a change in […]Read more

Boasts Smooth Keratin hair! WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR HAIR?

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Smooth hair Keratin3
Stress, pollution, temperature changes, lack of proper care … make our show lifeless hair, curled and less and less lucid. Combing, drying, ironing and back again to have a brilliant and perfectly disciplined mane, is a daily task whose purpose is to obtain an “ironing” and perfectly straight hair and care, but the abuse of […]Read more

hairstyles for men with curls

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hairstyles for men with curls
One advantage is that curly hair always get the feeling that you have more amount of hair, whether natural curls or you’ve done it yourself. Here are some tips hairstyle to take full advantage of your curly hair and keep his rebellious character within the permitted limits. For many years the curls have come and […]Read more

Human Hair Extensions 22 Inch in Clip Design

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Human Hair Extensions
If you are looking for the Human Hair Extensions you need to make sure you know the size and everything that you need before you are going to buy. There are a lot of hair extension that you can find, so narrowing some possibility would be really effective for you. Then, If you want to […]Read more

Hairstyles trends for men: a good hairstyle for him

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Männer-Trendfrisuren 2011
Women often envy the hair of men is growing faster than ours, is thicker and stronger, at least until a certain age. The young guys today do not leave home without a haircut to last. Here are our favorite trends in hairstyles. Like hair slicked Al Pacino in ” Godfather”?, Does long hair and casual […]Read more

Hairstyles For Men 2015

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Hairstyles For Men 2015
This article is intended for those guys who want to look cool, since there are now many haircuts for men. If you want to find your style should follow step by step tips to make you a haircut for men according to the shape of the face; You will bring the most out of your […]Read more